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  1. An alert prompts me at Signup that "The username OR email address is already registered"?

  2. Best video settings (advanced encoding) and formats to use on TeacherTube.

  3. Can my video be more than 100MB or longer than 10 minutes?

  4. Chrome Browser: Speed Issue Loading Pages

  5. Classrooms does not show or display?

  6. Converting & Compressing Large Video Files Without Losing Quality [VIDEO]

  7. Converting & Compressing Large Video Files Without Losing Quality [VIDEO]

  8. Create A Classroom [VIDEO]

  9. Flipping Your Classroom [INFO-GRAPH]

  10. Having trouble uploading?

  11. How Can I Identify That My PRO Account Is Active?

  12. How can I improve my videos?

  13. How can I prevent other users from seeing my email address?

  14. How do I access my TeacherTube Classroom? [VIDEO]

  15. How do I add Students to my Classroom? [VIDEO]

  16. How do I add videos from TeacherTube to my TeacherTube Classroom?

  17. How do I become a Partner?

  18. How Do I Cancel My Pro Subscription?

  19. How do I change my account information?

  20. How do I create a Playlist? [VIDEO]

  21. How do I download files for external use from TeacherTube?

  22. How do I edit My existing Videos?

  23. How do I edit my TeacherTube Channel page?

  24. How do I embed Videos?

  25. How do I find video tutorials for my Classroom?

  26. How do I make my content Private? What are my options for privacy?

  27. How do I make the embed video auto start playing?

  28. How do I remove a content of existing uploaded media?

  29. How do I remove ads on

  30. How do I remove ads on TeacherTube?

  31. How do I REMOVE Ads on TeacherTube? [VIDEO]

  32. How do I remove my account?

  33. How do I report copyright infringement?

  34. How do I search content aligned to Common Core or TEKS?

  35. How do I upload?

  36. How Do I View My PRO Account Subscription Information?

  37. How long does my digital media that I have uploaded stay on TeacherTube?

  38. How long does the review process take before my content goes live?

  39. How TeacherTube Works [ECO-GRAPH]

  40. How To Align Content to State Standards (Common Core & TEKS)

  41. How To Align Content to State Standards (Common Core & TEKS)

  42. How to Create a Course, Lesson & Quiz on TeacherTube Classrooms? [VIDEO]

  43. How to Create a Lesson on TeacherTube Classrooms? [VIDEO]

  44. How to Create a Quiz on TeacherTube Classrooms? [VIDEO]

  45. How To Move Videos From YouTube to TeacherTube [User Submitted Help Guide]

  46. How To Move Videos From YouTube to TeacherTube [User Submitted Help Guide]

  47. How to receive points for your Badges.

  48. How to Subscribe to other TeacherTube Users

  49. I forgot my Password? What do I do?

  50. I forgot my Username? What do I do?

  51. I have not received my activation code upon signup?

  52. I have uploaded several videos and when I play back the videos I see only a white screen and hear the audio. They are .AVI video files?

  53. I set my video upload to Private and I get a message that it is still being approved?

  54. I submitted to retrieve my Password and never received an email. What do I do?

  55. I submitted to retrieve my Username and never received an email. What do I do?

  56. Is there a limit to how much I can upload?

  57. My Classroom page says "Oops! That page can’t be found."?

  58. My Classroom URL appears to have a space for my username? Or my Classroom receives an error?

  59. My upload's been running a long time and hasn't completed or it Timed Out. What should I do?

  60. My video is hanging at 100% and never completes?

  61. My Video says "Video not found or Access Denied"?

  62. Remove Ads On [VIDEO]

  63. Screen Record Using Quicktime for Free (Mac Users)

  64. Share or Link TeacherTube Videos to your Google Classroom

  65. Sign Up & Register

  66. Signup help?

  67. Unsubscribe to Newsletter

  68. Uploading Content

  69. Videos will not play, what's wrong?

  70. What are 'tags'?

  71. What are Collections? How do they work and where are they located?

  72. What are Groups and how do I create a Group?

  73. What are you doing to prevent content that violates your policies from appearing in TeacherTube?

  74. What file formats can I upload to TeacherTube?

  75. What if I have been falsely accused of copyright infringement?

  76. What is a TeacherTube Pro account?

  77. What is T-Mail?

  78. What Is The Best Way To Film With An iPhone, iPad or Hand-held Devices?

  79. What is the difference between TeacherTube and TeacherTube Classrooms?

  80. What is this .MSWMM file? How do I create a movie with Windows Movie Maker?

  81. What is your policy on copyright infringement?

  82. What kind of videos and topics can I upload?

  83. What Support and/or Document file formats can I upload?

  84. What Video file formats can I upload?

  85. What's the best format to upload for high quality Videos?

  86. Where are the media that I have Favorited located?

  87. Why does it say "Video file already exists" after uploading?

  88. Why does the video keep stopping and starting during play?

  89. Why is the video not playing properly? Why is the video lagging?

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