How TeacherTube Works [ECO-GRAPH]

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Key Terminology explaining TeacherTube: 

"TeacherTube is a
'Content Management Community' platform for teachers, students, parents and home learners to engage, organize and learn through educational media." 

Here is a simple eco-graph of How TeacherTube works to help you understand on how you can utilize our platform:

1. User Uploads educational videos, audios, documents & photos with optional state standard alignment. 

2. TeacherTube approves/rejects content algorithmically or by staff.

3. User searches or sorts educational content by subject or state standard via lists.

4. User views educational content to discuss, share or align to state standards.

5. User can create Classroom courses, lessons & quizzes using educational content found via TeacherTube or your own :) !


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