What are Collections? How do they work and where are they located?

Please find the following steps:

STEP 1: On any TeacherTube content (videos, audios, documents, photos) view pages you will find below the media player of the content the following "Add to Collections" location. Remember with Collections you can mix content file types. Videos with PDF, PDFs with Word Docs, etc... No limits.:

STEP 2: *Click on "Add to Collections" and the following will appear.

STEP 3: Once you have added your collection, click on MY ACCOUNT >> DASHBOARD in the upper-right hand corner to go to your dashboard.

STEP 4: In the COLLECTIONS section or TAB of your Dashboard, you will find MANAGE COLLECTIONS. This is where you will have the ability to manage your collections or view/share your collections. 

If you chose your COLLECTION to be viewed by the public, your COLLECTIONS can also be viewed on your Profile Page. See below screenshot of location:

To add more to your Collections, continue by viewing the content you want to add, and repeat STEP 1

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