How do I become a Partner?

TeacherTube selects Partners that benefit the entire TeacherTube Community. We screen each Partner that we select. Here are some criteria and benefits of becoming a Partner:

1. Provides educational content that benefits the entire TeacherTube Community
2. Utilizes TeacherTube features on a daily/weekly bases
3. Engages other educators using TeacherTube content
4. Promotes education
5. Self-Markets or Promotes via social media and other platforms using TeacherTube content
*These are some of the criteria. Find out more below to contact us for more details.

1. becomes Ad-Free when you log-in
2. Free TeacherTube Pro account including free TeacherTube Classroom Pro account
3. We will help market your educational content via our community and social media
4. Feature your content
5. Your content will be placed on our Partner sections throughout

You think you or your company have what it takes to become a TeacherTube Partner? Contact Adam Smith at 

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